Delivery, payments & cancellations


All deliveries take place by either Glenn the owner himself or his trained team of delivery drivers.

As a standard, we aim to deliver between 10am-2pm on the day of the event and collect the following day at the same time. We are in touch in the week prior to the event to organise an exact delivery time to work for you.

Please note that pickup on the same day after 8pm incurs an additional fee of $50.


All payments are due on acceptance of the quote in order to secure the equipment for your booking. We provide very flexible cancellation options to ensure your complete confidence when securing your booking.

All payments are received online via our secure and encrypted payment gateway. Your payment details are not stores or accessible to us.

Change of booking

You can amend the details of your order up to 24 hours before the agreed delivery time, after this time we may not be able to accomodate your requests but we will do our best.


Things change – we get it which is why we have very flexible options for cancelling your booking.

Prior to 48-hours

We will provide you with a full refund less processing fees of 3% per transaction.

So for a booking of $300 you will receive a refund of $291.

Unfortunately it costs us to take payment so when issuing refunds we are unable to provide the full payment as a refund and take only what it cost us and nothing more.

Within 24-hours

Unfortunately at this stage we would have scheduled delivery drivers and locked away the equipment for your booking. As a result there we can only refund up to 50% of your booking fee.

So for a booking of $300 you will receive a refund of $150.

That being said, we know that if you cancel within 48-hours of an event it’s likely for an urgent and emotional reason. We will do what we can to support this and would discuss the refund on offer prior to issue.